November 2018


Woking Malayalee Association will be holding its 3rd Annual Charity Curry Night on the 24 November 2018. Started in the year 2015; WMA has been regularly supporting local charities from profits obtained from these annual events. This year we intend to support the hundreds and thousands of people affected by flash floods in the state of Kerala in India. Kerala, known internationally as 'Gods Own Country' faced devastating floods, the biggest ever in more than 100 years where more than 400 people lost their lives and tens of thousands became homeless and many more lost their belongings. In tragedy, the state came together as one and supported each other without any distinction or discrimination and survived the devastating event.

Members from WMA who were in India at the time had been actively working on the ground to help people affected by these devastating floods.We now propose to collect as much money as possible to support people from the state via this event.

We have planned a series of cultural events followed by dinner on the 24th November 2018 to start at 18:30 hrs

Details including venue and programme list to follow.